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  • Weekly Live Q&A and Resourcing

  • The most complete and comprehensive step-by-step guide to building your funnel with Groove.

  • Finish Your Funnel Academy

  • Replays of Every Live Workshop and Q&A

  • The Absolute Latest on Groove Updates and Developments

  • Affiliate and Joint Venture Opportunities

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    You Have GROOVE ... Now What?

    • Keep GROOVE as your secondary tool and return to YOU as the primary tool of your business.

    • Don't waste hours building a site, only to find it doesn't look good on mobile.

    • Stay ahead of your competition by having the latest knowledge on upgrades and updates from Groove.

    • Never fail to act because Groove may appear too technical. It's not. Whether you use templates or build from a blank canvas Groove is easy to use when you are shown the simple techniques. Gain the confidence and know-how to use the tool to its fullest extent.

    You never need to struggle alone with technical details! Shift from the slow, frustrating way of learning, and turn your focus completely on GETTING YOUR BUSINESS GROWING and scaling and earning you incredible profits! 

    Move From Procrastination to Productivity

    Every day you procrastinate building in Groove and connecting all of the tools, is a day you lose leads and business. 

    Move From Fear of Failure to Future Profits

    You don't need to know everything in order to make Groove work for you. Instead, you need a steady support and knowledgeable team to help you build the systems so that your business can thrive!

    Move From Frustrations to Fulfillment

    Learning a new system can take over all of your time. Add to that, you can spend an entire week building what looks good to you, only to find it looks terrible on mobile, and doesn't function the way you expected. NOW you can build with confidence and turn your energy to what you do BEST. Serve customers and grow your business!

    Groove 4 Growth Community

    Get ongoing tips, support, training and more...

    Weekly Live Q&A  Interactions

    Join us for a LIVE weekly Q&A. Ask your questions and get feedback and confidence for your Groove roadblocks. Stay up to date with changes and upgrades coming in Groove. Be on the leading edge of every new app and every upgrade that comes within Groove Funnels.

    Keep Me Up To Date Please

    Complete Online Courses for Every Groove App

    The more you use Groove, the more you're going to want to make use of. That's why you need someone constantly combing through the Groove gems and sharing with you how you can benefit from them and make them work for you.

    I'm Always Up For Learning More

    Access the Most Active and Helpful FB Group

    Sometimes a general video, or even a live chat just doesn't get the problem solved. The Groove Growth Membership gives you first in line access to support for your own personal questions and problems you may be having in Groove. Even better, as a member, you receive a 15% discount on all services.

    I Prefer Having the Best Support

    Order Right Now & Get Over 50% Off Your First Month Act Now!





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    What our clients say about us

    "Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge"

    "Kevin takes the time to work with you and help you to use your Groove Funnels and all the parts of it in such a way that you are able to do what you need to do."

    Michell Fuqua, Pastor, Author, Coach

    "I wasn't expecting to get something up and running that quickly"

    "It's going to help me grow my business, that's really cool".

    Raymond, Life Transformation Coach

    "Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge"

    "After the first night (Free Funnel Workshop) I was able to go and feel comfortable navigating my way around the funnel builder." "I highly encourage you to join Kevin's community"

    Camille , Online coach and Entrepreneur

    "I've saved myself 3 hours of work by spending 3 minutes with Kevin"

    "Somethings there's things for me to learn. Somethings there's things to run through, but sometimes there's a quick in the system ... it takes us 3 minutes..."

    Mike Jones, Pastor and Entrepreneur

    "Kevin is your guy, reach out to Kevin if you need help. He will be more than willing to help you out."

    "I have 25 years of technology behind me ... and I got stuck... I didn't want to spin my wheels and ... try to watch long videos..."

    Gena Peth,  Screen Time Safety Coach Informational Impact

    "As you can see, he knows what he's doing."

    "I would like that Kevin teaches more people from our Group because people need as much help as they can get."

    David Lemon, Product Experience Manager for Groove Digital

    About Kevin

    photo of kevin strite

    Kevin Strite has spent his life serving others through organizational leadership including over 27 years of pastoring. Over the past few years, he transitioned into coaching and found Groove as he was building his online business. It didn't take long to discover a huge need in the Groove Community for support, done for you services, and training. In late 2020, Kevin formed Your Best Groove for just those purposes. To serve the larger Groove Community with training, online courses, done for you services, and 1-1 support. 

    Since forming Your Best Groove, Kevin and the team he has formed have served over 600 Groove Users! Whether through free workshops, online courses, 1-1 support, or done for you builds, Kevin is loving being able to continue to serve this community!