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ANNOUNCEMENT! Groove Answers Fast has joined the family 
of Groove for Growth Digital Academy apps.

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You Bought Groove to HELP Your Business - NOT hurt it by consuming your time... 

You can spend hours trying to find answers to even simple tasks!

... and end up frustrated and feel like giving up because you still have unanswered questions such as:

  • Where to begin?

  • Which app does what?

  • How can I finish my sales funnel to actually make conversions?

  • How do I connect everything?

  • Where do I find up to date and concise help?

  • Are there ANY videos out there that just answer my one question?

  • If you are like many, you have spent countless hours trying to look for answers to your questions by sifting through online videos.

    Too often you live with the frustration of finally finding the right video only to discover it is outdated!

    But, not all is lost.

    We've got the solution you're looking for...



    Introducing Groove Answers Fast
    From Your Best Groove

    Your Ultimate One-Stop Groove Answer Source

    With Groove Answers Fast, You Will Finally Stop Losing Your Valuable Time and Money By Letting Our One-Of-A-Kind Powerful Search Engine Answer Your Questions. You will get back to building your business, generating leads, creating content and MAKING A PROFIT!

    Groove Answers Fast is the first and only resource center of it's kind designed EXCLUSIVELY with & for Groove customers.

    Being a member will take your grief away from using Groove by offering you immediate and up to date answers and tutorials for any of your questions about Groove. With Groove Answers Fast, you will receive:

  • Solutions at your fingertips. Clear, concise, and correct!

  • No more scrolling through Groove Youtube trying to find a solution

  • Complete confidence that the tutorial and guide you have found is UP-TO-DATE! No old and confusing videos.

  • Access to the only COMPLETE Step-by-Step guide to building your funnels and courses, and selling them with Groove

  • Access to the ONLY interactive guides to building your complete funnel with Groove. Just click on the next step and your tutorials are immediately available!

  • No more need for Groove Gripes!


    Watch It Work

    What You Get with Groove Answers Fast

    With Groove Answers Fast, you will stop losing valuable Time and Money and you can Get Back to Building the Business You Love and earning income every month.

    Complete Your Envisioned Projects On Time so you can Serve More Customers

    Complete Your Sales Funnel = More Customers = More Revenue

    Save up to 20 hrs per
    week by finding answers immediately so you can create more and better content

    Make profits and generate more leads instead of wasting time

    Reduce stress massively by having our experts curate your videos for you

    Keep Your Business’s Momentum Growing and enjoy it a lot more

    The best ONLY Groove Support search Engine on the Planet

    Immediate Answers For Both Simple & complex Questions


    Groove Answers Fast is for  

    Serious entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and new business owners.

    For Groove DIYers who just want the help to complete projects themselves

    Groove Owners who want confidence they will find answers on demand for their Groove funnels, pages, stores, and more

    Small Businesses (Both Online and "Brick and Mortar")

    New "funnelers" who are just now discovering the power of Groove and Sales Funnels

    Tech Savvy people who don't want to take the time to learn a completely new system.

    People with absolutely NO TECH experience


    What our clients say about us

    "Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge"

    "Kevin takes the time to work with you and help you to use your Groove Funnels and all the parts of it in such a way that you are able to do what you need to do."

    Michell Fuqua, Pastor, Author, Coach

    "I wasn't expecting to get something up and running that quickly"

    "It's going to help me grow my business, that's really cool".

    Raymond, Life Transformation Coach

    "Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge"

    "After the first night (Free Funnel Workshop) I was able to go and feel comfortable navigating my way around the funnel builder." "I highly encourage you to join Kevin's community"

    Camille , Online coach and Entrepreneur

    "I've saved myself 3 hours of work by spending 3 minutes with Kevin"

    "Somethings there's things for me to learn. Somethings there's things to run through, but sometimes there's a quick in the system ... it takes us 3 minutes..."

    Mike Jones, Pastor and Entrepreneur

    "Kevin is your guy, reach out to Kevin if you need help. He will be more than willing to help you out."

    "I have 25 years of technology behind me ... and I got stuck... I didn't want to spin my wheels and ... try to watch long videos..."

    Gena Peth,  Screen Time Safety Coach Informational Impact

    "As you can see, he knows what he's doing."

    "I would like that Kevin teaches more people from our Group because people need as much help as they can get."

    David Lemon, Product Experience Manager for Groove Digital

    About Kevin

    Kevin Strite has spent his life serving others through organizational leadership including over 27 years of pastoring. Over the past few years, he transitioned into coaching and found Groove as he was building his online business. It didn't take long to discover a huge need in the Groove Community for support, done for you services, and training. In late 2020, Kevin formed Your Best Groove for just those purposes. To serve the larger Groove Community with training, online courses, done for you services, and 1-1 support. 

    Since forming Your Best Groove, Kevin and the team he has formed have served over 600 Groove Users! Whether through free workshops, online courses, 1-1 support, or done for you builds, Kevin is loving being able to continue to serve this community! 

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